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Hosted PBX Service Provider

Hosted PBX (Cloud Phone System)

A bundled offering that includes the telephone service, long distance calling, telephone system, and ongoing system maintenance.

  • Predictable phone bill inclusive of long distance
  • No in-house phone system to maintain
  • Flexibility to move handsets anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Huge list of included calling features that continues to grow
  • Lower cost of ownership
Unified Communications Service Provider

Unified Communications

Communicate & Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

With Triad Telecom’s cloud-based Unified Communications service, you can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device. Businesses need to communicate over multiple channels including voice, video, and messaging. We integrate voice, instant messaging, business texting, presence, and web and video conferencing into a single platform for use on your desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Employees can access these powerful communications features whether working from the office, home or on the road.

SIP Trunking Service Provider

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is an IP replacement of a traditional, copper telephone line. SIP trunks use your internet connection to transmit voice communications. With SIP trunking, you keep your existing on-premise phone system while saving money on your telephone lines and creating a more efficient method of business communication with disaster recovery built in.

SIP trunking eliminates the need for traditional analog, T1, or PRI lines and moves your business into the advanced world of IP communications.

TriadText Service Provider


Business SMS Texting

Ever wish you could send and receive business text messages to and from customers and employees without having to use your personal cell phone number? With TriadText you can!

Our texting service allows you to send and receive text messages on your cell phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer while using your business phone number. You no longer have to worry about giving out your personal cell phone number to text message your customers, employees or co-workers.

TriadFAX Service Provider

TriadFAX (Hosted Fax)

TriadFAX combines the best of hosted fax service with the option to integrate traditional fax machines and breaks down the barriers of fax over IP (FoIP) making reliable faxing a reality for everyone.

  • Reliable inbound and outbound fax solution
  • Keep your existing fax number
  • No long distance charges when faxing the continental US
  • No telephone lines to purchase
  • Utilize your PC, web, or a traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes
Internet and Data Company

Internet and Data

Metro Ethernet provides businesses with the most robust IP connectivity available. Triad Telecom’s Metro Ethernet offers end-to-end QoS for voice, video, and mission-critical applications.

  • Redundant and scalable connection
  • Speeds from 2 megabit to 1 gigabit
  • Delivered via Ethernet
  • End-to-end quality of service (QoS)
  • MPLS / private connectivity for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
Call Recording Service Provider


Harness The Power Of Cloud-Ready Call Recording

If your company makes and takes calls from customers, suppliers or partners, or if you have a call center, then call recording is a must. Most importantly, it can help you comply with regulatory requirements, but it’s also useful for training, ensuring quality and, if needed, resolving disputes.

Cloud-Ready Call Recording-Triad Telecom

CRM Integration

Harness The Power Of Seamless Customer Interactions With CRM Integration

Cloud Unified Communications With Customer Relationship Management IntegrationCustomer experience – the total customer interaction with your company – is a primary combat zone for competitors in a service economy. Businesses like yours want ways to make their interactions with customers faster and frictionless. Our Cloud UC-CRM integrations do both.

Webinar Service Provider

Webinar Solution

Webinar Solution for Online Web & Video Events

It’s a virtual world. Savvy businesses are leveraging technology to create virtual teams, virtual meetings and, increasingly, virtual events with tens, hundreds and even thousands of participants. That’s where we come in. Our webinar platform offers incredible scale required for online events without sacrificing quality or affordability. We go a step further to deliver a platform that’s simple and intuitive for you, your presenters and attendees to operate while including multimedia and interactivity features that provide a personalized and engaging experience.

Web & Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Web & Video Conferencing and Collaboration

The power of teamwork anytime, anywhere

80% of business meetings now include remote employees, partners and customers. Conferencing and collaboration tools are must-haves to boost productivity and remain competitive in an always-on world. Triad Telecom’s conferencing and meeting solutions makes it easy!

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Do you ever wish you could make and receive business calls from your cell phone without giving out your personal cell phone number? With our mobile app, you can make calls from your cell phone, but the caller ID will be your business phone number so no-one will know if you are making business calls from your office or a remote location. You can also receive your business calls on your cell phone. Business texting is also an option from our mobile and desktop apps using your business phone number. With our integrated meeting service, you can do web & video conferencing on your computer, tablet or cell phone.