Telephone Service (Including SIP)

We offer direct connectivity to backbone providers, flat rate pricing, bundled calling features, advanced routing ability, and ease of implementation.

  • Flat rate call paths inclusive of unlimited local and long distance to the continental US
  • E911 emergency services
  • Inbound caller ID name and number
  • Outbound caller ID name (customized by you)
  • 411 information listing

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Hosted PBX (Cloud Phone System)

A bundled offering that includes the telephone service, long distance calling, telephone system, and ongoing system maintenance.

  • Predictable phone bill inclusive of long distance
  • No in-house phone system to maintain
  • Flexibility to move handsets anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Huge list of included calling features that continues to grow
  • Lower cost of ownership

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TriadFAX (Hosted Fax)

TriadFAX combines the best of hosted fax service with the option to integrate traditional fax machines and breaks down the barriers of fax over IP (FoIP) making reliable faxing a reality for everyone.

  • Reliable inbound and outbound fax solution
  • Keep your existing fax number
  • No long distance charges when faxing the continental US
  • No telephone lines to purchase
  • Utilize your PC, web, or a traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes

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Internet and Data

Metro Ethernet provides businesses with the most robust IP connectivity available. Triad Telecom’s Metro Ethernet offers end-to-end QoS for voice, video, and mission critical applications.

  • Redundant and scalable connection
  • Speeds from 2 megabit to 1 gigabit
  • Delivered via Ethernet
  • End-to-end quality of service (QoS)
  • MPLS / private connectivity for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint

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